Kosrat Rasul launches an initiative to unite the Kurdish forces

9/10/2019 23:03:00

Kosrat Rasul Ali, the Deputy Secretary General of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, issued a statement on the Turkish military operation in western Kurdistan.


Mr. Kosrat Rasul Ali said in his statement: Despite regional and international rejection, the attack on western Kurdistan began. This operation, while in violation of international laws and the sovereignty of Syrian territory, at the same time exposes the lives of thousands of innocent civilians to the threat of artillery shelling and fire of war.


He added: Resorting to the option of war and leaving the option of peace and political solution would create a major humanitarian catastrophe. War would endanger security and stability in the region and the world and once again show the dangers of terrorism and mass displacement.


He said: As supporters of the people of Kurdistan in the war to defeat terrorism I call on the international community to stop this war, prevent a humanitarian catastrophe and avert the sabotaging of the situation in the region. I also call on the members of the UN Security Council to support our people and adopt resolutions that serve peace and stability at their upcoming meeting.


He added: In these grave circumstances, I call on all Kurdish political forces and parties to protect harmony and unity, strengthen the Kurdish household, and strive to assist the displaced and use all diplomatic channels of communication to prevent the spread of threats.


He said: I propose a summit meeting between the political parties in order to strengthen relations, harmony and unity of our people, unify positions and prepare to face risks and deal with developments.





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