Nadia Murad: War will create the conditions for the reemergence of ISIS fighters

9/10/2019 18:45:00

Yazidi activist Nadia Murad said Wednesday that all parties should work together to find a peaceful political solution.


Murad said in a statement, PUKmedia got a copy of it: "In light of the recent mobilization of troops in northern Syria and the imminent prospect of another conflict occurring, I strongly urge all sides to work together towards a peaceful political resolution - not war."


She added: "Further violence will create loss of life, displacement, and greater instability in a region already struggling from ongoing humanitarian catastrophe. War will create the conditions for the reemergence of ISIS fighters - who the Kurds have fought bravely to defeat."


She pointed out that, "Furthermore, this violence may prevent the judicial accountability of the thousands of ISIS criminals in custody for war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide. The focus of the international community should be on bringing ISIS criminals to justice."




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