4th Slemani International Film Festival with awarding 5 prizes

9/10/2019 17:38:00

The 4th edition of Slemani International Film Festival attended by several cinema people from Iran, Western and American countries inaugurated in Sulaymaniyah, Iraqi Kurdistan, during which the five prizes were awarded to the best screenplays of the festival.


Several top officials of the festival and political figures and cinema people from different countries attend the event including Mullah Bakhtiar the official in charge of supporting the festival, Governor of Sulaymaniyah Dr. Hafal Abu Bakr, Zirak Kamal the representative of  the prime minister of Iraq's semi-autonomous Kurdish region, Nechirvan Barzani, Fuad Jalal, Festival Manger and head of Masti Film Company, Acclaimed Iranian Director and the jury member of World Cinema Competition (International) Pouran Derakhshandeh, Danar Omar Fares, Artistic Director Festival, Lina Raza, Program Director of the Festival, top Iranian director Kiomars Pourahmad, along with several other Iranian and foreign actors and actresses.


Gates of world cinema will open at Sulaimaniyah Festival Addressing the gathering, Bakhtiar underlined that the gates of world cinema will open at the Sulaimaniyah Festival. Bakhtiar expressed his satisfaction for holding the event in the past four continuous years, adding that the event would open the gates of world cinema at the Sulaimaniyah Festival. "Cinema has a global identity and is a global culture. The Sulaymaniyah International Film Festival will continue its journey thanks to its glorious history and would flourish the Kurdish cinema. Jalal also awarded as the special awards including Honorable Prize, Shekomeh Mandi, Ahmet Kaya, Shahid Parcham and Taha Karimi during the ceremony.


Honorable Prize

The honorable prize was presented to Farouk Mullah Mustafa, a prominent supporter of arts and artists, entrepreneur and philanthropists from Iraqi Kurdistan.


Ahmet Kaya Prize

This prize was awarded to Mamad Oktash, an internationally acclaimed Kurdish film producer.


Shahid Parcham Award

Shahid Parcham was the first Kurdish girl which martyred in a fight with the ISIL terrorist group in Kobani. This prize was awarded to Shahrokh Hazeli of Kurdistan Province, Iran.


Taha Karimi Prize

The award of the late Kurdish director Taha Karimi was presented to the screenwriter and director of the Kurdistan Region, Haheraz Mohammad.


Best Screenplay Prize

Members of the jury of the competitive section of the Kurdish Cinema including Akram Suleiman; Screenwriter and Director of Cinema and Television; Foad Jalal Rashid; Director, Producer and Director, Ahmad Mahmoud Amin Director and Editor-in-Chief presented the best screenplay of the festival out of 27 screenwriters which were submitted to Masti Film Company's Office to Jalal Saadpanah, author of" White Spots "(Haleh Sepiyehkan), Iranian Kurdistan.


Displaying "Sisters in Arms" film

In a meantime, the "Sisters in Arms" film directed by Caroline Fourest in attendance of Maya Sansa was displayed at the end of the inauguration ceremony.


Competition of 134 films from 78 countries

At least 134 films from 78 countries, especially the production of 2018 and 2019, in two sections including the World Cinema Competition (International); comprising feature and short films; documentary,

animated and experimental, and the Kurdish Cinema (national) comprising feature and short works; documentary, animation and experimental will attend this international cinematic event.


Golden Pine” 14

The jury members of the festival will present 14 “Golden Pine” and a cash prize to the best feature best international film, best director, best screenplay, best movie, best movie that are participating in the international and Kurdish sections of the festival.


In the competition section of the short films "World Cinema" and "Kurdish Cinema", the best national film, best directing, best script, best documentary, audiences award, best national short film and special jury award to winners as well as four special awards including Shekomeh Mandi, Ahmet Kaya, Shahid Parcham and Taha Karimi by the Masti film Company will be awarded.




PUKmedia - Mansour Jahani 


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