President of the Republic confirms the support of the Integrity Court to punish the corrupt

9/10/2019 16:34:00

The President of the Republic, Dr. Barham Salih received at the Peace Palace in Baghdad on Wednesday, 9-10-2019, President of the Supreme Judicial Council, Faiq Zidan.


The President stressed the need to conduct a fair judicial investigation on the crimes of assaulting demonstrators and security forces and shooting live bullets during the recent protests, stressing the accountability of those responsible for the bloodshed in Iraq.


They also discussed the importance of the role of the Iraqi judiciary, specifically the court concerned with integrity issues and the importance of activating the role of the Public Prosecution to resolve the files of corruption and punish violators who used public funds for personal interests.


The President praised the effective role of the judiciary and its full independence in consolidating the principles of justice, pointing to the importance of cooperation and coordination between the three authorities to complete the legal procedures related to the implementation of the legitimate demands of the demonstrators, and to maintain security and protect the Constitution.


During the meeting, they discussed ways to impose the rule of law in order to preserve the lives of citizens and public property.




PUKmedia / The Presidency of the Republic


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