A seminar on the Kurds and the policy of the PUK in Hungary

6/10/2019 16:35:00

Imad Farhadi, a member of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) 's foreign relations office, organized a seminar at the Institute of Foreign and Trade Affairs of the Hungarian Foreign Ministry on Sunday on the situation in the Kurdistan Region, the policy of the Patriotic Union today and the different stages of the Kurdish struggle.


Imad Farhadi explained in a brief speech the history of the Kurdish revolutions in general and the new revolution of our people led by the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan. He talked about the beginning of the establishment of the PUK, holder of the slogan of the right of self-determination since the founding until now and continues in its struggle to reach the hopes of the Kurds.


The seminar was devoted, in a part of it, to the role of comrade Mam Jalal in building diplomatic relations and formulating an appropriate basis for building diplomatic relations at the level of Iraq and the Kurdistan region.


Farhad stressed that President Mam Jalal had a clear and effective vision to build friendly relations with all countries and develop freedom, democracy and human rights in the region.


The results of the referendum and subsequent events were a key aspect of the symposium. Farhadi pointed out that the Kurdish people tried for many years to achieve their national and democratic rights and for that more than 92% of the people of Kurdistan voted yes to the referendum held on September 25 of 2017 for independence and self-determination, yet the Kurdistan Region wants to be with a democratic Iraq based on true partnership and implementation of the constitution.


Imad Farhadi, a member of the Office of Foreign Relations of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, explained during the symposium, the vision and strategy of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and stressed that the Patriotic Union carries the slogan of working together and coordination between all components and different nationalities.




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