Talabani's second departure anniversary

2/10/2019 11:22:00

Tomorrow, October 3, 2019, marks the second anniversary of Mr. Jalal Talabani's death, the founder of PUK and the first elected Kurdish president of Iraq after the fall of Sadam Hussein's regime.


On this occasion, people from various sects, parties and journalist, freedom seekers in general and PUK members in particular will commemorate his death in his resting place in Dabashan mountain.


Jalal Talabani fought for his nation's freedom and independence for more than 40 years, and he was given the name "The Heart of Stability" by the Shiite Supreme leader. He was famous for ending the discrimination policy in Iraq and seeing every sects and nation living in Iraq as human of having equal rights.


Talabani succumbed to stroke on October 3, 2017.





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