Surchi: Our participation in a single list increases our electoral balance

30/9/2019 15:59:00

Nasrallah Surchi, a member of the leadership council and head of the Nineveh Organization Center of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), on Monday discussed the latest preparations for participating in the provincial council elections, stressing the need to unify Kurdish visions in the disputed areas in order to achieve benefits for the Kurdish people and for all other regions.


This came during a meeting with the delegation of the Communist Party of Kurdistan from the local committee of Mosul.


Surchi received a delegation of the Kurdistan Communist Party at the headquarters of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan in Sheikhan district and highlighted the need to complete all legal and administrative procedures for the participation of Kurdish parties strongly and effectively in the upcoming elections and achieve good results.


According to Surchi, the participation of the Kurdish parties in the upcoming provincial council elections in one list achieves good results and strengthens the positions of the Kurdish forces in the disputed areas, including Nineveh province, which has many Kurdish members in its council.





PUKmedia / Media Office of the Nineveh Organization Center of the PUK


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