Iraq returns the Jewish archives

21/9/2019 16:27:00

The Federal Ministry of Culture announced the existence of an agreement between the Iraqi government and the United States to return the Jewish archives that existed in Iraq.


Culture Minister, Abdul Amir al-Hamdani said in a statement: "There is an agreement between the Iraqi government and the United States to return the Jewish archives", adding that the government is seeking through this agreement, which will continue until the horizons of 2021, to retrieve thousands of artifacts smuggled from Iraq during the recent period."


He added: "The Iraqi archive arrived in Washington in 2004 in order to preserve and protect it, and then the Iraqi government signed an agreement with US officials to retrieve it in 2021 as a maximum time."


The US embassy in Baghdad confirmed earlier that the Iraqi Jewish archive is still in the custody of the US National Archives, while noting that Washington is committed to the terms of its agreement with the Iraqi government.





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