The first female Kurdish football referee in the region and Iraq

11/9/2019 19:22:00

Mehraban Omar, a girl from Qalat Dizah district of Sulaimaniyah province, is the first female referee in the men's football league, leading 8 official matches of the official football league.


Mehraban Omar told PUKmedia: "I am a graduate of the Faculty of Physical Education and I am the first girl to referee football matches and I joined a number of courses to learn referees' laws," expressing her thanks to her father, mother and brother, who supported her and encouraged her to reach this stage.


She added: "At first I was very worried and afraid, but my insistence on becoming what I want is what made me pass this stage and became more confident, and my teammates and players also encouraged me to continue to judge the games with enthusiasm."


Mehraban said: "I want to send a message to the girls who love sports to belive in themselves, there is no difference between a man and a woman in sports, achieve your dreams and be who you want to be, nothing is impossible"


For his part, Rebwar Hussein, member of the referee commission in the district of Qalat Dizah, told PUKmedia: "Since the beginning of the districts football league, Mehraban has participated as a fourth referee to be the first girl to rule football matches in the Kurdistan region and Iraq."







PUKmedia - Adnan Jaff / Sulaymaniyah





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