Qalat Dizah women's challenges of Life

11/9/2019 18:42:00

When you walk on the streets of Qalat Dizah district of Sulaimaniyah province in the morning, you see from time to time working women working hard and actively to secure their livelihood and depend on themselves without men which is a sign of the strength of women in that region.


Zhian Kamal, a worker in the Kurdish bread industry which is called Nani Teery, the finest bread for the Kurdish people, told PUKmedia, “From a young age I work and rely on myself and I don't wait for anyone to give me money. This is the case of most women in the region, they work from the early morning in various jobs, including making various types of bread for homes and restaurants, it may not meet all our needs, but it is better than sitting at home without a work goal."


Her fellow worker, Nasrin told PUKmedia, "The economic situation is weak in the district of Qalat Dizah, as there are no large laboratories or companies so that women can work in. We are very active and work hard, I hope the government will use women's energy and support them to be at the best levels and to be a pride for their country. "








PUKmedia - Adnan Jaff


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