A political analyst: The subject of the disappeared will be raised for electoral campaigns

11/9/2019 12:50:00

Political analyst, Wathiq al-Hashemi stressed that the subject of the disappeared and missing in Iraq cannot be resolved, pointing out that raising it is a part of the election campaigns.


On Wednesday, 11/9/2019, Hashemi told PUKmedia: This is not the first time for this subject to be raised, There are times in which the subject is raised and then closed again, adding that with the approaching elections, political blocs exploit this file for electoral campaign.


He added that there are disappeared in Suwayrah, Ramadi and other areas, and there are disappeared or missing people from the Shiites, Sunnis, Arabs, Kurds, Turkmen and other components of the Iraqi people, noting that ISIS operations increased the number of disappeared and missing, and displacement also increased the rate.


Al-Hashemi stressed that there is no seriousness and no clear-cut strategy to resolve this matter but resonant statements and press conferences under the dome of parliament.


With regard to the start of the judicial authority practical measures to find out the fate of the disappeared and missing, Hashemi said that the judiciary cannot make this matter better, wondering “what are the tools they have to resolve this matter?”


Hashemi believes that the government also cannot resolve this matter, pointing to the existence of missing and disappeared kidnapped by armed groups, for example, and armed groups deny this, wondering “What is the government's authority over these groups?”


The Head of Supreme Judicial Council, Judge Fayaq Zeidan met this week with Chief Prosecutor Mwaffaq al-Obeidi and head of the Judicial Supervisory Authority Jassem al-Omairi and discussed the recent subject of the presence of missing or disappeared persons.



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