Revealing the number of Yazidis in the grip of ISIS

3/8/2019 17:27:00

The director general of Kurdish affairs in the Ministry of Awqaf of the Kurdistan Region Khairi Bouzani stressed the captivity of 2908 Yazidi Kurds in the grip of the ISIS.


Bouzani said in a statement to PUKmedia on Saturday, 3/8/2019, that the latest statistics approved by the United Nations indicates that there are 360 ​​thousand Yazidi displaced after the crimes committed by the ISIS against them, and 100,000 of them emigrated out of the country, The number of martyrs in the first days of the invasion of Shangal reached 1293 martyrs, while causing 2,745 orphan children.


Bouzani said that the number of mass graves discovered in Shangal so far reached 80 mass graves, in addition to dozens of sites of individual graves, pointing out that the terrorists had urged the destruction of 68 shrines of the Yezidis.


The number of those abducted is 6417, of whom 3548 are females and 2869 males, he said, noting that the number of survivors is 3509, including 1192 women, 337 men, 1033 girls and 947 boys.


He pointed out that there are 2908 yazidis in the grip of the ISIS 1329 females and 1585 males.
















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