'I chose freedom'.. The Story of a Kurdish woman whose beginning a new life

29/7/2019 19:14:00

Shalat Sa'eed is a Kurdish woman refugee, her father is a martyred Peshmerga and in order to search for freedom, she rebelled against her ISIS extremist husband and fled to Germany.


In her book "I Choose Freedom," Sa'eed discusses the tragic fears she faced in her life and warns the Kurdish women.


Shalat Sa'eed is proud of her book and started a new life ....


The German-language book "I Chose Freedom" is now in German readers' hands and it is 304 pages, which clearly and courageously highlight the wounds and tragedy of the life of the author herself as a Kurdish woman within the patriarchal system and the imposition of injustice and torture and imprisonment by her husband and brother, and how she was able to get rid of the window of torture and escape from that life, and the specter of fear of her rebellion continues to haunt her so far.


"My father was martyred, he was dear to me and a friend of mine, but after his departure I no longer had hope and decided to end the life of imprisonment and torture," said Shalat Sa'eed in the book, adding that she was brought out of education at the age of 10 and at the age of 14 she were married, after this her luck got worse when she found out that her husband was an ISIS extremist.


In her book, Sa'eed warns Kurdish women to walk in their position as strong women, and calling on women to choose the path of freedom as she did".








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