The House of Representatives criticizes the international silence over the Muthanna cemetery

25/7/2019 11:58:00

On Thursday, July 25 of 2019, the House of Representatives criticized  the international silence over the discovery of the cemetery of Muthanna, while stressing the response to anyone who tries to restore the spirit of the policies of the Baath and the whitewashing of his bloody black era.


The First Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hassan Karim Ka'bi said during a statement followed by PUKmedia: "The Baathist dictatorial regime tried in every way to conceal its crimes from the eyes of the world. The justice of the sky shows day after day the bloody truth that was planted with the bones of the martyrs of men, women, and adding that the discovery of a new mass grave containing the remains of women and children in the city of Samawah after 16 years, shut all those who try to glorify or restore the spirit of a black era and the regime shed blood of his people throughout his rule.


He added: We congratulate the Iraqi people and the families of the victims of the Muthanna cemetery from our Kurdish people and call upon the government to pay additional attention and support to the mass graves committee by increasing the financial allocations and the number of cadres working on this humanitarian file. And called for supporting and activating the work of transitional justice institutions, which suffer from a clear weakness prevented the completion of the duties and tasks for which it was established.


Al-Ka'bi pledged to deal with all the sincere attempts to restore the spirit of the Baath and Saddam's policies and glorify and whiten his black era, criticizing the international political and media silence over this new tragedy that claimed the lives of innocent people.


He praised the great efforts of international humanitarian organizations to assist Iraq in the search for mass graves throughout the country.





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