New details about the mass grave in Muthanna

23/7/2019 19:32:00

A familiar source revealed the number of the remains of the mass grave that was opened in the desert of Samawa in Muthanna province.


On Tuesday morning, 23/7/2019, a specialized team in the presence of the Ministry of Martyrs and Anfal Affairs delegation in the Kurdistan Regional Government began the process of opening a mass grave in Samawa for the victims 'who were only women and children' of Baath crimes


The source, who preferred not to be named, told PUKmedia Tuesday that specialized teams from the mass graves department in Baghdad, after a court order, had opened a mass grave in the Samawah desert.


He added that the cemetery includes the remains of 82 Kurdish citizens, pointing out that the victims are all women and children.


The initial information indicates that the children are between one and two years old, while women are about 40 years old, he said, adding that there are two mass graves near the site, which need other court orders to open them.


The source pointed out that no identities were found with the remains of the victims, noting that the competent teams took samples for the purposes of the DNA tests, and later the remains will be raised to the Department of Forensic Medicine in the province and then transferred to the Kurdistan Region.






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