Arab tribes welcome the appointment of a Kurdish candidate for the governor of Kirkuk

11/7/2019 15:40:00

Arab tribes in the disputed areas welcomed the appointment of a candidate for the post of governor of Kirkuk, asserting that they will be the first supporters of him, hoping to return Kirkuk to its former state of peaceful coexistence.


The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and the Kurdistan Democratic Party had agreed earlier on Thursday, on appointing the engineer Taib Jabbar as Kirkuk’s governor.


In a statement, Sheikh Muzahim al-Hewitt, spokesman for the Arab tribes in the disputed areas said: After the agreement between the Kurdish parties on the appointment of Taib Jabbar for the post of governor of Kirkuk, we as Arab tribes consider the appointment of Taib Jabbar a good step and we will be the first supporters of him.


He added that the province of Kirkuk is living under the injustice and sectarian wars and Kurd citizens in Kirkuk are subjected to humiliation and displacement, as well as a campaign of large-scale arrests and the seizure of agricultural land belonging to the Kurds in Kirkuk by the governor of Kirkuk by proxy, noting that the acting governor, Rakan Jubouri took office because of delay in selecting the governor of Kirkuk after the appointment of Taib.


He expressed his conviction that Kirkuk will return to its previous state, the re-coexistence and brotherhood between Arabs and Kurds, and end injustice after the completion of Mr. Taib’s resumption as Kirkuk’s governor.





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