Kurdistan Parliament gives confidence to the ninth cabinet

10/7/2019 12:38:00

On Wednesday 2019/7/10, Kurdistan Parliament voted to give confidence to the ninth government cab of the Kurdistan Region.


Kurdistan Parliament held a voting session on granting confidence to the candidates for ministerial positions in the new Kurdistan Region government.


Masrour Barzani received the post of head of the Kurdistan Regional Government with 88 votes, and Qubad Talabani received the post of Vice President of the Kurdistan Regional Government with 73 votes.


The President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Masrour Barzani and Vice President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Qubad Talabani, and the new ministers in the ninth cab did their swearing in before the Parliament of Kurdistan.


The agenda of the regular session No. 13 of the spring legislative term for the first year of the fifth parliamentary session is as follows:


First: Granting confidence to the Prime Minister in charge of forming the government according to Decree No. (7) for the year 2019 issued by the Parliament of Kurdistan, which was designated to form the government according to Resolution (1) for the year 2019 issued by the Presidency of the Kurdistan Region.


Reading the names of ministers by the Prime Minister in accordance with the fourth paragraph of Article (56) of amended Law (1) for the year 1992 and granting them confidence by the Parliament of Kurdistan.


Second: The performance of the legal section of the Prime Minister, his deputy, and ministers in the ninth ministerial portfolio in the Kurdistan Region, according to article (6) of the amended law of the Council of Ministers of Kurdistan Region No. (3) for the year 1992.


Third: Reading the main paragraphs of the work program of the ninth ministerial portfolio in the Kurdistan Region by the Prime Minister in the Kurdistan Region.


The following is the list of the members’ names of the ninth cab and the number of votes obtained during the session on Wednesday 2019/7/10:


1- Masrour Massoud Mustafa Barzani - President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, 88 votes.

2 - Qubad Jalal Hossam-Aldin Talabani - Vice President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, 73 votes.

3- Frsat Ahmed Abdullah - Minister of Justice, 74 votes.

4- Shorsh Ismail Abdullah - Minister of Peshmerga Affairs, 73 votes.

5. Rebar Ahmed Khalid - Minister of Interior, 76 votes.

6- Awat Janab Noori Salih - Minister of Finance, 81 votes.

7- Dr. Saman Hussein Mohammed Barzinji - Minister of Health, 81 votes.

8- Alan Hama Saeed Salih Mohammed - Minister of Education, 85 votes.

9. Dana Abdulkarim Hama Salh Abdul Rahman - Minister of Construction and Housing, 80 votes.

10 - Sasan Osmani Awni Habib - Minister of Municipalities and Tourism, 85 votes.

11- Dr. Aram Mohammad Qadir Amin - Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, 75 votes.

12- Dr. Dara Rashid Mahmoud - Minister of Planning, 75 votes.

13- Kwestan Mohammed Abdullah Ma’rouf - Minister of Social Affairs, 74 votes.

14- Mohammed Saeed Ali - Minister of Culture and Youth, 75 votes.

15- Abdullah Mahmoud Mohammed San Ahmed - Minister of Martyrs and Anfal, 85 votes.

16. Begard Dilshad Shukrallah - Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources, 83 votes.

17. Kamal Musalam Saeed Qarni - Minister of Trade and Industry, 85 votes.

18. Ano Jawhar Abdulmasih Abdouka - Minister of Transport and Communications, 80 votes.

19. Pshtiwan Sadiq Abdullah - Minister of Endowment and Religious Affairs, 77 votes.

20. Kamal Mohammed Salih Khalil - Minister of Electricity, 85 votes.

21. Khalid Salam Saeed - Minister of Kurdistan Region, 68 votes.

22. Aidan Ma'arouf Salim - Minister of Kurdistan Region, 78 votes.

23- Farid Ibrahim - Minister of Kurdistan Region, 83 votes.



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