New statistics of the Yazidis genocide

8/6/2019 13:20:00

On Monday, Saving Yazidi abductees’ office announced a new statistic on the number of abductees, indicating that this statistic is since August 3, 2014.


In a statement, the office said that "our statistics as the result of horrendous crimes committed by ISIS terrorist against Yazidis is since the third of August 2014 up to the third of June 2019 and is accredited to the United Nations."


The statistics are as follows:

The number of Yezidis in Iraq was about 550,000.

The number of people displaced as a result of ISIS invasion has reached 360,000 displaced people.

The number of martyrs in the first days of the invasion, 1293 dead.


The number of orphans produced by the invasion is as follows:

Paternal orphans 1759

Maternal orphans 407

Double orphans 359

Children who their parents are in ISIS’ hands 220

Total number of orphans 2745


The office noted that the number of mass graves discovered in Sinjar so far amounted to 80 mass graves in addition to dozens of individual cemetery sites.



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