PUK stresses the need to protect unity and harmony

3/6/2019 18:36:00

A spokesman for the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan stressed the need to protect the spirit of harmony and unity to protect the national interests of the people of Kurdistan.


"The people of Kurdistan, the families of the righteous martyrs and the Peshmerga heroes, blessed by Eid al-Fitr, we hope that this holiday will be a source of happiness and a factor to strengthen the harmony and unity of our people," said Latif Sheikh Omar, spokesman for the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan.


The statement said: "The people of Kurdistan, the national and religious components of the political parties in Kurdistan, that the sensitive and dangerous situations experienced by Kurdistan and the region require that the people of Kurdistan to fully prepare for all the possibilities and events expected, and we must protect the spirit of harmony and unity in order to protect our national reform Not trenching against each other and betraying others and widening the gap of political differences between us.


He continued: "The Patrioic Union and throughout its honorable history has always been with the unity and harmony of our people and in this way has made great sacrifices.






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