President Salih receives the ambassadors of Britain, Germany and France

2/6/2019 17:12:00

President Barham Salih stressed the need to establish a stable regional system that will distance Iraq and the peoples of the region from the specter of conflicts.

His Excellency received the ambassadors of Britain, Germany, and France to Iraq, at the Presidential Office in Baghdad on Sunday June 2, 2019. 


His Excellency confirmed that Iraq start out with a clear vision through the adoption of a constructive dialogue among the respective parties to address the crises and by finding effective and radical solutions. 


The President indicated that Iraq’s policy is based on distancing from the policy of axes of any party and on intensifying efforts through diplomatic channels to reach political solutions that promote peace and stability in the region.


President Salih added that Iraq's stance towards the crises of the region stems from the commitment to its national policies and its supreme interests. 

His Excellency stressed on the importance of sparing the country the effects of conflicts and crises in a way that preserves Iraq’s national interests and maintains the achieved stability and prosperity for the Iraqis and the peoples of the region.


The President highlighted the importance of enhancing and solidifying relations with the European countries and Iraq's desire to develop cooperation and coordination in a way that serves common interests. 


His Excellency valued the European Union’s efforts in supporting Iraq in various fields, notably in the field of repatriation of the internally displaced people and provide them with assistance.


For their part, the ambassadors of the three European countries expressed their satisfaction with the development of relations with Iraq and the efforts made by their countries to consolidate and increase cooperation. 


They commended Iraq’s balanced foreign policy and the role it plays in its Arab and regional surroundings.





PUKmedia / IraqiPresidency 


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