After revealing important information… Chrakhan Rafiq gets exposed to a traffic accident

28/5/2019 11:55:00

Chrakhan Rafiq, ex-wife of Minister of Natural Resources in the Kurdistan Regional Government Ashti Hawrami, was exposed to a terrible traffic accident on Tuesday dawn in Paris.


According to the information, the car of the Kurdish businesswoman had exposed to a traffic accident that caused her serious injuries and caused the death of one of her bodyguards, who is of Turkish nationality.


Chrakhan Rafiq was taken to a hospital on the verge of dying.


There are strong disagreements between the businesswoman and her ex-husband Ashti Hawrami, Minister of Natural Resources in the Kurdistan Regional Government, with the prediction of the possibility that the incident that was planned beforehand, after Chrakhan recently published a post on her Facebook account saying that she's being threatened.


In the last post on her Facebook page, the businesswoman wrote “It is my duty to disclose some of the injustices you have been subjected to for years by plundering your wealth above and below the ground for unscrupulous ruling gangs.”


The following is the text of the clarification:



Mr. Masoud Barzani

The international community and human rights organizations

The oppressed people

I think it is my duty to reveal some of the grievances that you have been subjected to for years by plundering your wealth above and below the ground in favor of unscrupulous ruling bands.

You are being looted and oppressed by corrupted hands.

Dear citizens, I would like to say without a doubt that the Minister of Natural Resources and his band have seized hundreds of millions of dollars and smuggled them abroad at a time when the people of Kurdistan Region are in need of a meal for them and their children.

Mr. President Barzani, you are being betrayed like the rest of the people, and dozens of important issues related to the lives of citizens have been hidden from you. People are coming to you at a time when you are not involved in making the financial crisis, and it is time to end that injustice and dismiss those who caused this deadly crisis to make them a lesson for others.

People are afraid to talk about their suffering because the authorities are subjecting to those bands; they are subjected to injustice but because of the influence of the mafia of all the parties, they cannot defend their rights.

I am a living example of injustice. Millions of dollars have been wasted in my name at a time when I am innocent of everything that has been done in my name.

I am the only woman accused of looting the wealth of Kurdistan while the thieves are plundering the people's strength and pushing the region into a debt trap. Like the game that happened with Dana Gas, the government was fined $ 2 billion and a lot of other things to a point that it reached the mixing of water with the share of citizens’ fuel and when it was revealed and when I discovered this and tried to deal with it, files was fabricated against me in government sections and departments for my accusation and condemnation.

I am subjected to threats of death, but I decided to be frank with the oppressed people and the families of the martyrs and tell them that your wealth is being looted by the Minister of Natural Resources and his band.

So I decided to publish Ashti Hawrami’s secrets and his band with documents and names, to spread everything I was afraid of my life because of it, there are people will spread all the facts in the channels after me to prove that Ashti Hawrami was a black point for Iraq and Kurdistan and the region.

It seems that the minister of Natural Resources and his band decided to continue their injustice, therefore, they should be prevented and dismiss their corrupted hands from the joints of the government in order for the people of Kurdistan to live happily and not to be exposed to crises such as the artificial crisis by the bands.

In the end, I repeat my intention to publish the documents to the public so that the people decide that their destiny is in the hands of whom? And how their lives manipulated and the halved loaf that they get very hard.

At the end I want to say that Mr. Nechirvan, I am sure that you are not aware of Ashti Hawrami's game with you and the government and with the people of Kurdistan and that Ashti Hawrami used his experience in oil for his own benefit and for the destruction of Iraq and Kurdistan.

And I say it explicitly who stands against me from the bodies, parties, and institutions is a partner in the theft with Ashti Hawrami and his band.


Chrakhan Rafiq

Saturday 25/5/2019


PUKmedia Exclusive


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