Defense Ministry denies suspension of Iraqi army and Peshmerga training

15/5/2019 17:19:00

The Defense Ministry in the federal government denied the suspension of the United States and European countries training of security forces and Peshmerga forces.


Major General Tahseen al-Khafaji, media director of the Ministry of Defense told PUKmedia on Wednesday 15/5/2019 that, media reports which said earlier that the United States, Germany and the Netherlands were suspending the training of Iraqi security forces were inaccurate and false.


Major General al-Khafaji said that what happened is that these countries withdrew some people from their mission as not necessary for their presence in Iraq, stressing that the training work for these missions in Iraq is continuing.


Al-Khafaji concluded by stressing that the ongoing training of the security forces in all their types, including Peshmerga, is continuing by the missions of these countries.




PUKmedia - Fayiq Yazidi


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