A special decree for commemorating the departure of the fighter Adil Murad

14/5/2019 13:02:00

The Central Council of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan holds special decrees on the occasion of the first anniversary of the departure of the late fighter, Adil Murad, secretary of the Central Council and founding member of the PUK.


The decrees will be held at 4 pm on Thursday 16/5/2019, at the Culture Hall in the city of Sulaymaniyah.


The late fighter Adil Murad died on Friday morning 18/5/2018, in a hospital in the city of Cologne, Germany.


The Central Council of the PUK mourned the departure of Secretary of the Council, Adel Murad, expressing condolences to his family, all his comrades and friends, cadres and supporters of the PUK, and the masses of the people of Kurdistan.


Adil Murad joined the Kurdistan Students Union in the 1960s. Later he became a secretary of the Union. He was one of the strugglers with the president Mam Jalal, one of the founders of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan.


Adil Murad was born on December 11, 1949, in the city of Khanaqin. He held a bachelor's degree in chemistry from the University of Baghdad.



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