Transferring 100 Yazidi women to France

12/5/2019 09:47:00

The International Organization for Migration and France have signed a protection agreement for 100 Yazidi women and their families as part of the humanitarian acceptance program in France.


The agreement, which was launched by Nadia Murad and French President Emmanuel Macron in October 2018, provides protection and acceptance to up to 100 Yazidi women and their families as part of the humanitarian acceptance program in France.


In a statement, the International Organization for Migration said that its teams in Iraq would help move those families on their journey to France by providing health checks, pre-departure information, travel assistance, escorts and other forms of assistance until arrival. She pointed out that families upon arrival in France will be referred to local non-governmental organizations that provide social, medical and administrative support during the first year.


The head of the office of the International Organization for Migration in France, Sarah Abbas said: “This new initiative is the result of solidarity and the expression of an international mechanism to share responsibility in protecting the most vulnerable groups,” noting that “the program of humanitarian acceptance depends on a strong partnership between the French and Iraqi governments, international organizations and civil society organizations.”





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