Faculty of Arts at the University of Kirkuk holds an arts festival

10/5/2019 12:13:00

The Faculty of Arts at the University of Kirkuk held an arts festival on Thursday 9/5/2019, under the patronage and presence of the President of the University Professor Dr. Abbas Hassan Taqi under the supervision of Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Assistant Professor Dr. Alwan Hassan.


The festival, which was organized by the Department of Arabic Language, saw theatrical presentation in cooperation with the Directorate of School Activity in the General Directorate of Education in Kirkuk, with the participation of a number of teachers and students.


The head of the Arabic language department Dr. Salwa Jarges told PUKmedia that the carnival witnessed a number of events, including the establishment of a play entitled "Shari’ Al-Watan" (Home Street), which expressed the suffering of unemployed Iraqi youth, and its continuous search for work and stability, noting that a library in the Department of Arabic language was opened during the festival.


The carnival witnessed the opening of the charity market for handicrafts and Iraqi cuisine, with proceeds to go to the pediatric leukemia hospital.



PUKmedia – Kirkuk – Rizgar Shwani


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