Saving 3451 Yazidis from ISIS

2/5/2019 18:23:00

The Office of the rescue of kidnapped Yazidi Kurds statistics of the heinous crimes committed by ISIS against the Kurds Yazidis since 3/8/2014 until Thursday 2/5/2019.


A statement said PUKmedia obtained a copy that these statistics are approved by the United Nations and are as follows:


- The number of Yezidis in Iraq about 550,000 people.


- The number of people displaced by an invasion is 360,000 displaced people.


- The number of martyrs in the first days of the invasion 1293 martyrs. 


- Number of orphans produced by the invasion as follows:


The Orphans of the Father 1759


The Orphans of the Mother 407


Parental Orphans 359


Children who parents are in ISIS's hands 220


The total number of orphans 2745


- The number of mass graves discovered in Shangal has so far been 80 mass graves. In addition to dozens of individual cemetery sites.


- The number of religious shrines and shrines that have been bombed by ISIS : 68 shrines.


- The number of those who emigrated outside the country is estimated at more than (100,000).




Number of abductees 6417 including:






 The numbers of survivors and survivors of the terrorist grip are as follows:


Total: 3451 of them


Women: 1178


Men: 337


Children: 1010


Children: 926




Number of Others


Female: 1360


Males: 1606






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