A unique Project of Protection and Preservation of Historical Manuscripts funded by famous foundation of Gerda Henkel.

29/4/2019 11:47:00

Revival of Kurd’s Heritage Organization (RKHO) is an independent, non-governmental and nonprofit organization. It cares about reviving Kurd’s Heritage through different classes of the society, preforming seminars and presentations for the purpose of protecting and reviving heritages of Kurdistan from bane and misfortune.

This organization has been established in 2015 and officially registered by Kurdistan regional government (KRG).

In the beginning of their activities and works, they started collecting tens of various historic and valuable writings with lots of heritage and cultural pieces in partnership with archeology department and antique of Sulaymaniyah. Despite of arranging lots of artistic  events and music honor  the deceased Kurdish artists, authors and poets who served lots in the field of writings, cultural , music, songs and literature.

Revival of Kurd’s Heritage Organization is the only organization not only in Iraq but also in the region  that has its own museum, so it causes that it has been visited by the people of other cities of Iraq and gets lots of Ambassadors and delegation’s attention in Kurdistan.

Due to their concern for saving lots of old Kurdish writing, they got an idea for training of  cleaning, saving, keeping and identifying them for the sake of protecting Kurdish identity like all the other folks. For this purpose after getting a short training in 2018 in Germany then contacting to Gerda Hankel Foundation and then submitting  a proposal for preserving and protecting historical manu-  scripts, fortunately the mentioned organization thankfully accepted  the  proposal and funded  the project, therefore  they contacted the Applied Science University in Germany/ Berlin and  three staff members of RKHO  were trained on Byzantine and Islamic Book technology in theory and with practical exercise and Book binding, Basics of chemistry and natural fibres, Basics of conservation of such cultural heritage and Basic of   the technology of paper making and of printing technology

These subjects are very crucial in paper restoration and can be considered as main key for scientific paper preservation and protection of the historical manuscripts.

Currently, the Revival of Kurd’s Heritage Organization (RKHO) has cleaned tens of historical manuscripts and prepared for restoration and in a near future. In fact  It is impossible to evaluate the value of these manuscripts by anything else because these manuscripts tell us the story  about the identity of a nation in all different fields of  life and the identity of those nations, which lived with the Kurds. Scientific and cultural exchanging and living peacefully can be seen and felt in these historical manuscripts. If this project would be succeeded, Gerda Henkel Organization, as an independent organization, can have the lion’s share for its continuous preserving cultural things.  Gerda Henkel Foundation for several years is a close friend to Kurdish culture and hand down, although it tirelessly help to preserve and  protects  all the nations’ cultures equally at all levels without discriminations . Moreover,  Gerda Henkel Foundation as a sponsor, it supports tens of MA and PhD students to accomplish their studies  in historical civilization culture.

The first phase of the project started at the beginning of January 2019 and is going to be finished in June 2019; then the second phase of the project will be started by scanning and preserving all scripts electronically and keeping them in a typical boxes.





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