The PUK: The bombing of Qaladza should be defined as a crime against humanity

24/4/2019 14:52:00

The Political Bureau of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) on Wednesday sent a message to the people of Qaladza and the families of martyrs on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the bombing of the district by the former Ba'ath regime.


In its letter, the Politburo noted that the warplanes of the Ba'ath regime had bombed the district at 9:45 am with internationally banned Napalm weapons, targeting civilian sites, places of residence, university presidency and part of the hospital of Qalaza, the municipality building, the municipal offices, the schools, and about 27 houses and 40 shops for citizens.


Adding that, this brutal attack resulted in the deaths of 134 citizens and wounded 152 others, most of them were women, children and elderly in addition to a group of students and teachers in the district.


The Political Bureau pointed out that, despite the fact that the crime of bombing the city of Qaladza was part of the file of the crimes of genocide and anfal in the Iraqi Supreme Criminal Court, it was in fact a crime planned to continue the crimes of the Ba'ath regime which was aimed at the genocide of the people of Kurdistan. On June 20, 1989, the inhabitants of the district and the area of ​​Pshdar were deported to the compounds west of Erbil and Sulaymaniyah. After the district was evacuated from the population, all houses, schools and mosques were destroyed by TNT bombs. The area was considered a forbidden land and as a result of this policy, 125 villages were destroyed and their people forcibly deported.


The Political Bureau stressed the need to consider the issue in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq as a national issue and concerted efforts in defining this crime as a crime against humanity at the level of the region and the world, as well as conducting studies and documentation on the crime and the establishment of a museum for evidence of crime.


The Political Bureau stressed that this occasion should be a source of encouragement to strengthen the unity of the people and the political parties in order to achieve the democratic, constitutional and national rights of the people of Kurdistan and to face the dangers.







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