Shooting the team that opens mass graves in Kujo

22/4/2019 17:08:00

Unknown gunmen shot at a team to open mass graves, west of the village of Kujo in the Ba'aja district of Shingal district, while no security forces went to the scene.


Sirwan Jalal Ibrahim, Director of the Department of Mass Graves at the Ministry of Martyrs and Anfal told PUKmedia: "On Monday, the national team to open mass graves were shot by unknown gunmen west of the village of Kujo in the area of ​​Ba'aj", adding that "the team is a joint team of the Ministry of Martyrs and Anfal in Kurdistan Region and Iraq, And the Genocide Commission."


He added that, the team was not escorted by guards while searching for mass graves.


Ibrahim said that, the gunmen fled after they opened fire and no casualties were reported.


Pointing out that, no security force had gone to the scene to help the team.


The team was opening of the second mass grave in the area when they were shot.




PUKmedia - Hazha Basit


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