Lahur Sheikh Jangi: We continue to support freedom of speech and journalism

22/4/2019 15:11:00

Lahur Sheikh Jangi, official of the Protection and Information Agency in the Kurdistan Region congratulated on Monday the journalists of Kurdistan on the occasion of the 121st anniversary of the publication of the first Kurdish newspaper.


In a communiqué received by PUKmedia, Sheikh Jangi said: "I extend my congratulations to journalists and courageous writers in Kurdistan and wherever they work to serve Kurdish Journalism," stressing that "the anniversary of Kurdish Journalism is of special importance because the occasion is not only for journalists but also it is a national and historical event, It is necessary to work for greater prosperity, for freedoms and democracy through journalism, so that journalism becomes a supervisor of power and society.


The PUK has been and continues to be a pioneer in providing a climate of freedom for journalists and intellectuals, whether during the struggle in the mountain or the struggle in the city, so we should not retreat in the policy of support for freedoms and expression of opinion.


In 1989, Prince Medhat Badrakhan burned a flame on a dark night for the history and struggle of the Kurds, we must also continue the political and national struggle.







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