80 children are victims of sexual abuse in Babylon

21/4/2019 15:29:00

Official statistics show that 80 children (males and females) were victims of sexual assaults in one year in Babylon, with 65 cases registered in the province's courts.


According to statistics prepared by the Statistics Division of the Presidency of the Federal Court of Appeal of Babylon, PUKmedia received a copy of it on Sunday, that these suits are divided between the juvenile, crimes and misdemeanors courts, and are still under investigation.


Pointing out that, the Juvenile Court (which hears the cases of those under the age of 18) received 16 cases of sexual assault on children last year, while the number of accused were twenty.


The Criminal Court has received 17 cases over the past year, with 20 defendants received sentences of imprisonment, mostly for 15 years, with two sentences of life imprisonment and execution, according to the statistics.


"These figures do not reflect the real number of cases of child sexual abuse," said Deputy Chief of Appeal Court, Judge Dr. Habib Ibrahim, adding that "Traditions, customs and fear of the scandal bury many victims and keep other attacks secret."


Ibrahim believes in a comment to the judiciary that "such cases reach the courts reluctantly, most of them are resolved by tribal meetings and family negotiations and the rights of child victims are wasted under the pretext of fear of scandal."


"Such cases are more prevalent in cities than in rural areas due to the too much socializing in cities and the harsh social traditions in the countryside," said the deputy head of appeal."


In response to a question about why male children are more likely to be sexually assaulted than females, he said that "the male child are often allowed to go out to play and socialize or send him to shop, so he sometimes falls in the trap of criminals."




PUKmedia / Media Office of the Supreme Judicial Council


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