Politburo of the PUK: Yezidis must return to their areas

16/4/2019 19:39:00

The Politburo of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan congratulated the Yazidis on the occasion of the Red Wednesday.


"On the occasion of the Red Wednesday of Yazidis, we congratulate the people of Kurdistan in general and the Yazidi Kurds in particular, in all parts of Kurdistan and anywhere in the world," the Political Bureau said in a congratulatory message on Tuesday.


"We hope that this occasion will become a day of stability and an end to the suffering of the Yazidis which they have faced throughout history from the various calamities and the genocides, especially the mass murder and displacement and the destruction of their areas by ISIS terrorists," the message added.


The Politburo stressed the necessity of the return of displaced Yazidis to their areas and reconstruct those areas and to prosecute the criminals of the genoside of Yezidis in Shingal and Yazidis in general and compensating them morally and materially and is a national duty for all parties.




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