Sweden, a Kurdish boy from Halabja becomes a pilot

1/4/2019 12:09:00

On March 31, for honoring the hard work of Asir, the only child of martyred Kaykaws Kokoyi was able to get pilot certification in Sweden after lots of hard work, chief of the Sweden Committee accompanied by chief of the organizing department in the committee and some cadres of Uppsala University, visited the home of Ms. Adiba Hama Saed wife of martyred Kaykaws.


After receiving the committee warmly, the committee and its accompanied delegation congratulated the young for becoming a pilot, noting that this is a great accomplishment and honor for the Kurds.


The delegation also expressed their hope for the Kurdistan Regional Government to have a plan for these young talented abroad Kurds, who receive various degrees and certificates in different fields, adding that the young Kurds should follow his dad's path and serve the Kurds and Kurdistan.





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