The PUK celebrates Nowruz in Egypt

30/3/2019 16:43:00

Mullah Yasin Rauf, representative of the PUK in Egypt said that, Egypt is witnessing the arrival of about 400 to 500 citizens from the Kurdistan Region for tourism weekly, pointing out that Egypt has been hosting the Kurds for a long time.


Rauf said on the sidelines of the celebration of the Kurdish community in Egypt on the occasion of Nowruz and the new Kurdish New Year: The Kurdish community in Egypt celebrates every year in Egypt this holiday, noting that weekly comes to Egypt about 400 to 500 citizens from the Kurdistan Region for tourism weekly and there are also many Kurdish students studying in Egypt.


He added: The Ministry of Culture in the Kurdistan Region intends to start a giant translation project in Egypt for Kurdish literature and culture books into Arabic.


He pointed out that Egypt always hosts the Kurds where the first Kurdish newspaper was launched in Egypt in 1898, and the first Kurdish radio station was launched in Egypt in the 1950s. It was broadcast for two hours a day.


He stressed that March 21 is also a national holiday of the Kurds, apart from being the New Year, because it is the day of establishment of the Kurdish Empire before 2719 years.




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