World Critics praise the Sun Girls movie

25/3/2019 12:44:00

On the sidelines of the 71st Cannes Film Festival, international critics discussed the film "Girls of the Sun", which talks about the resistance of the Kurdish fighters in Kobany, directed by Iowa Newson, and starring Iranian actress Kolsheveta Farahani,


Criticist Peter Bradshaw said the movie "The Sun Girls" tells the story of resistance that French director Eva Hoson managed to convey in the best possible way.


Critic Eric said about the film, that the film contains scenes of action enjoyed by the audience praising the capabilities of director Eva Hoson.


Critic Jay Weissberk said: "The Sun Girls tell a real story about the Kurdish fighters who have encountered an ISIS organization, praising the film's release and its women's tour.


The film, which tells the story of a battalion of Kurdish women, leads an attack on militants from a the ISIS organization, while their brothers in the fighting prefer to wait for US air strikes.


The film's director, Eva Oson, said during her interview with the media that her main motive for making the film was to tell her about the inhumane behavior of the terrorist organization in the Yezidis and the tragic events of Kurdish women and children.


Ms Osson believes that the courage and boldness of the Kurdish women has clearly placed an ISIS organization in the awkward position of the terrorist in an embarrassing situation during the war, and that is why Usson designed her camera on the corners of the battles of these brave women.


One of the most prominent works of this French director "in the hope of death, for those complex, Gong Peng."


The film said that the fighters of the ISIS organization were trembling with fear when they heard our voices, and explained that the heroine of the film that the cause of fear - is their belief that the killing of a woman who prevents them from entering Paradise martyrs.





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