A growing turnout of other nationalities in Kurdish dress

19/3/2019 11:46:00

With the arrival of Nowruz holidays, the demand for Kurdish dress is increasing, both women and men. This year there is increasing demand to buy and wear Kurdish uniforms by Arabs and other nationalities residing in the Kurdistan Region, while demanding citizens to pay more attention to the Kurdish dress and preserve its beauty.


Barham Sabir, one of the vendors of fabrics in Kurdish clothing says to PUKmedia, that although the Kurdish dress is for the Kurds and they are wearing it on their national and social occasions, but at the present time there is increasing turnout of Arab citizens and other residents of the Kurdistan Region of different nationalities.


Barham Sabir, the reason for this turnout of Arabs and foreign residents, is that some of them are students of universities and institutes and wear Kurdish uniforms at graduation ceremonies. There are also employees who wear Kurdish uniforms like their Kurdish colleagues on occasions.


Idris Qadir, a tailor who sews the Kurdish women's uniforms said that citizens pay great attention to the Kurdish dress and this year, as in previous years, there is a great turnout in the Kurdish dress, noting that there is a growing demand from Arab citizens and foreign residents also to sew the Kurdish outfit.


He pointed out that the Arab citizens and their families accept to wear the Kurdish dress and choose the different designs of the uniform.


PUKmedia met with a number of citizens who expressed the hope of the significance attention to the Kurdish dress and the preservation of his designs, stressing the need to define this national costume to the world because of its aesthetic design, stressing the need to take into account designs Kurdish uniforms for each of the regions of parts of Kurdistan.



PUKmedia Exclusive


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