Bafel Talabani: 'Voice of the people of Kurdistan' was the engine of the uprising

18/3/2019 18:43:00

Bafel Talabani congratulated 'The voice of the people of Kurdistan' radio on Monday on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of its founding.


"'The voice of the people of Kurdistan' was the voice of the mountains, the new revolution, the Peshmerga, the struggle, the political prisoners, the organization and the people in the grip of the Ba'ath regime," Bafel Talabani said.


"At the time of the uprising, it was the engine of igniting the spirit of the uprising and the enthusiasm of the masses," he added.


Bafel Talabani noted that, "Today, 'The voice of the people of Kurdistan' as a heard media has a duty and a great media responsibility before it, and their media message must always reflect professional work and a commitment to the principles."


And in conclusion he said: "Today, as the 40th anniversary of the founding of 'The Voice of the People of Kurdistan', I extend my warm congratulations to the director and the staff of the radio."






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