A Kurd wins UK’s top women innovators

17/3/2019 15:53:00

A Kurdish woman has become the first to be recognized among eight other women as one of the UK’s top female innovators as part of International Women’s Day.


Dr Fanya Ismail is Founder and CEO of Sol-Fel Coatings and Advanced Materials (SGMA) and has developed a process to create plastic-free coffee cup coating.


The company uses a chemical process called ‘sol-gel’, which produces solid materials from small molecules, to make disposable coffee cups waterproof without the need to use plastic.


Dr. Fanya Ismail, who reportedly left the Kurdistan Region in 1995 for the UK, was awarded a purple plaque after becoming one of the winners of the 2019 Women in Innovation Awards, which were launched last year.


As a winner, she was granted £50,000 (roughly USD 65,000) to develop and grow her business. The funding was awarded as part of International Women's Day.


Having studied chemistry in the Kurdistan Region, Ismail then earned her Masters and Ph.D. at the University of Manchester.



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