The tragedy of Halabja, the Dark Tragedy

15/3/2019 23:32:00

Tomorrow Saturday marks the 31st anniversary of the bombing of the city of Halabja with chemical weapons by the former Baathist regime, which killed more than 5000 Kurds, as well as injuring thousands more.


On March 16, 1988, the Baathist regime bombarded the city of Halabja with chemical weapons, which led to killing of more than 5,000 Kurdish citizens, including women, children, men and sheikhs, were killed and thousands fled to border areas with Iran, as well as wounding many more.


In the various cities and regions of the Kurdistan Region events against the heinous crime against the people of the city of Halabja will be organized, and special decrees for the lives of victims of this operation will be established, which killed thousands of innocent citizens of the Kurds, as well as moments of silence at 11 o'clock tomorrow morning will be held as an embodiment of moments of shelling that hit the city on that day.


The frightening and painful images, scenes, and sites of astonished the world and the lenses of media removed the blinding mist off of the atrocious regime, and placed him in a shameful confrontation with the reality of the shameful pit in which the old regime and its infernal machine and its arrogance were embedded in the blood and dignity of the Iraqi people as Kurds, Arabs and minorities. Pictures shook the earth under the conscience of the free peoples and produced the angry wind loaded with the curse of fate and the days that uprooted the pillars of the condemned regime and stamped it with shame, until the day in which the wounded peoples get vengeance on their murderers.


This crime, which targeted innocent human dignity, will remain a grave scar in the memory of the noble Kurdish people and a human disaster that is condemned by the free peoples and the source of pain and feelings of sorrow in the conscience of the Iraqi people, which celebrates this anniversary with feelings of anger and condemnation and practices its free existence by renouncing the forces of evil and darkness which invaded the rights of the human beings in life. And those bright moments that immortalized the great sacrifices of the Halabja crowds will remain as a source of pride and glory for the people of Kurdistan and the Iraqis as a whole. And that brave city whose freedom is baptized in blood and tears will remain as a symbol and a lesson for humanity and mankind a danger bell that reminds the peoples of their responsibilities towards freedom and world peace and that blood that came at a moment separation in the life of humanity will be engraved in the conscience of living peoples who love freedom, goodness, and peace.





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