Chairman of Integrity Commission dies in a car accident

15/3/2019 11:15:00

On Friday, the Integrity Commission mourned its Chairman, Judge Ezzat Tawfiq Ja’afar, who died after a car accident in Duhok governorate.


In a statement, the Commission said: The Commission of Integrity has deposited a symbol of its symbols and a pillar of the fight against national corruption; it proudly recalls the position of the deceased and his dedication and commitment in the performance of his national mission. He would not waste a minute of time and would always carry out the tasks entrusted to the Commission wisely and prudently.


The statement added: The commission bids farewell to its late Chairman with sorrow and sadness, the only consolation is reflected in the performance of the deceased for the task of national nobility and chastity, and according to him and his family that he carried with him till the end a legacy of love and respect and appreciation towards all who he knew and worked with, citing, “May God dwell this precious soul in heaven and give his family patience and solace.



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