Nujaifi warns of IS’s revival in Mosul

14/3/2019 22:02:00

The parliamentary fact-finding committee warned of the fall of the Iraqi city of Mosul in the hands of IS terrorists from emergence of a new organization in the city and referred to a "failure" of security warning of a real danger threatening Mosul.


In a press conference on Thursday, the Chairman of the Committee Osama Nujaifi said that "The committee hosted a number of officials and confirmed that corruption is linked to terrorism, and we have achieved security and corruption cases in the crowds and military cases with the hosting of more than 30 security figures in Nineveh."


He added that "the Commission concluded the findings indicate to us through the fact-finding in the province the emergence of a new pledge of the IS terrorists and a new migration, and there is an impression among citizens that IS will return again."


Nujaifi pointed out that "the Committee used the judiciary and indicators in the investigation with officials of the province and 36 MPs have signed the report who were fully convinced, and the Council seriously took the report."


He stressed that "all the accused that are named in the report will be referred to the judiciary and that the Council of Representatives will approve the report and the procedures will be quick."


He added that "there are some parties control Nineveh and imposed a system of non-state there, and took control of the areas of the province and that the Committee handed over its report to the Presidency and the MPs of the Council and hopes for them to be submitted for reading during today’s session of the Council of Representatives."



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