Parwin Babakir gets Iraq's Prize for leading Women of Arab countries

9/3/2019 23:36:00

At 9 pm of March 9th 2019 at Monroe Hotel in Beirut the capital of Lebenon on the occasion of international women's day which is March 8th and with the attendance of a number of officials, ambassadors and diplomats of Arab countries, a number of leader women of Arab countries which have left their mark in the field of work, were prized by 'Arab Development Council for Women and business' in a virtuous ceremony under the name 'Fingerprint of a Leading Woman'.


Former Industry Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Member of the Leadership Council of the patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Head of the 'Wza' Company and Head of the Directing Council of Nokan Group Company, Parwin Babkir Hama Agha received Iraq's Prize as a woman leader in Iraq.




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