The uprising of the people of Kurdistan in 1991

4/3/2019 18:48:00

These coming days of March, the people of Kurdistan celebrate the anniversary of its uprising in March of 1991. This uprising is considered a heroic epics witnessed by the enemies of the Kurds, in March 1991 the people of Kurdistan made history by standing up to their enemy and showed that they will no longer accept injustice and crimes against their people, and gained victory over the forces of the dictatorial regime and liberated the Kurdistan Region from the Chauvinism ruling.


The first spark of this epic took place on the fifth of March in 1991 in Raniyah district of the province of Sulaymaniyah.


In these days of every year, the people of Kurdistan remember this heroic epic of the people of Kurdistan against the most oppressive dictatorship regime, which carried out the worst forms of oppression against the peaceful people of Kurdistan. The people of Kurdistan had been facing repression by this regime for more than three decades.


On the fifth of March 1991 Raniya disrtict of Sulaymaniyah province witnessed the first spark of the uprising of the valiant people of Kurdistan, the uprising area has expanded to reach the city of Sulaymaniyah on the seventh of March, where its people managed to take full control of the security and administrative services and liberated the city of Sulaymaniyah on the eighth of March 1991, while the sun of the uprising rose more and more to reach Erbil on 11/3/1991 and was able to remove the darkness that was covering this city.


Then the people of Kurdistan continued their march on the path of victory and liberation, which they chastised with their pure blood to liberate the cities of Duhok, Koya, Shaqlawa, Halabja, Amadiya, Makhmour, Zakho, Aqrah, Darbandikhan, Kalar, Chwarta, Penjwen, Said Sadiq and all of the districts of the Kurdistan Region to end up in the city of Kirkuk, which they liberated on the 20th of March 1991, thus the last phase of this heroic tour ended which culminated with clear victory and achieved the lofty goals for which the uprising was launched.


The political winnings gained by the people of Kurdistan after the success of this heroic epic, was taking over control over the Kurdistan Region, and the election of the Parliament of Kurdistan was later carried out on 19/5/1992 and then the government was formed, which took on the management of the affairs of the Region.








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