For the first time, the United Nations recognizes the occurrence of war crimes in Afrin

2/3/2019 15:01:00

The United Nations has announced war crimes in Afrin for the first time since Turkish army militias seized control of the city a year ago.


According to the UN report, obtained by PUKmedia on Saturday, the independent international mission responsible for Syria found that there were reasonable grounds to believe that the members of the armed groups in Afrin committed war crimes, including hostage-taking ... torture and looting, explaining that because of the apparent absence of the rule of law, It is not clear whether the Turkish forces are able to impose comprehensive control over any of the armed groups in the Afrin area.


The report also said that fighting between the armed groups in Afrin and the continous explosion of car bombs has led to the deterioration of the unstable security situation, pointing to the presence of more than 50 armed groups, including Ahrar Sham, Lwa al-Amjad, Failaq Sham , the Nuxba army, Sharqiya army, Shamiya front and the movement of Nur al-Din Zangi. "







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