Kosrat Rasul for the PUK bloc: Claim the rights of citizens

23/2/2019 15:04:00

Mr. Kosrat Rasul Ali, Deputy secretary-general of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, told the members of the PUK  bloc in the Parliament of Kurdistan that it is necessary to be loyal to those who voted for them and defend the rights of citizens.


This came during a meeting held by Mr. Kosrat Rasul Ali with members of the Parliament of Kurdistan on the PUK bloc, on Saturday, 23-2-2019, in the presence of Saadi Ahmed Pira, a member of the Political Bureau, and Saman Garmiani member of the leadership, as Kosrat Rasul expressed thanks for PUK bloc on the unity of the word and position before the issues.


Mr. Kosrat Rasul, recommended the members of the PUK bloc in the Parliament of Kurdistan, fulfilling and demanding the rights of the citizens who voted for them and working seriously on laws that come in the interest of the people.


Mr. Kosrat Rasul explained for the members of the Kurdistan Parliament of the PUK bloc, the program of the PUK, and recommended them to work in a spirit of harmony and unity of class and word.


For their part, members of the bloc confirmed their commitment to the decisions of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, reaffirming the work to the maximum extent they can to implement the program of the PUK.






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