In Pictures...The representative of the Patriotic Union in France

21/2/2019 18:42:00

The representative of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan in France intensified its activities in France, on the instructions of the Political Bureau and external relations, in order to defend the gains of the people of the Kurdistan Region.


Each year, the Representative holds many meetings and dialogues.


The following is a part of the activities carried out by Dr. Loay Jaff, representative of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan in France during the previous periods.


First: Participation in a program for the election of the President of Iraq at the France 24 International TV studio.


Second: guest channels people of Kurdistan(Gali Kurdstan), NRT and Rudaw to explain events in France, yellow jackets from a demonstration to a social movement.


Third: Participation in the Forum of friends (Forum Civil) for civil activities.


Fourth: Participation in the conference of helping yazidi women in the building of the French Senate.


Fifth: The meeting in the French Senate building with a Senator to ​​discuss a number of issues related to Iraq and the Kurdistan Region.


Sixth: Participation in the opening of an art exhibition by the famous French artist pierre ducrozet.


Seventh: Meeting with another Senator where the discussion of relations and attempts at joint action was the main focus of the meeting.





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