The PUK: We work to serve the citizens and defend their rights

20/2/2019 18:19:00

The Political Bureau of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, on Wednesday, held an expanded meeting in the city of Sulaymaniyah with cadres and members of centers, offices and institutions of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan.


Mr. Kosrat Rasul Ali, Deputy Secretary-General of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, said during a speech at the meeting: "The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan will not bargain on its legitimate rights."


He added: "The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan did not compromise on the rights of the people of Kurdistan and will begin radical reform, and we all work to address the recent developments."


Mr. Kosrat Rasul Ali pointed out: "The PUK is the party of the people and the great sacrifices. It opposes the policy of discrimination and is constantly working to unite the Kurdish political parties."


After that, Hakim Qadir Hama Jan gave a speech for the Politburo of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, where he said: "The PUK is a force of challenge and steadfastness."


He added: "The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan did not have a veto on any person and will not accept a veto from any party, explaining: Our agreement with the Kurdistan Democratic Party did not address the posts, the purpose of the agreement was the service of citizens and the consolidation of good governance in the Kurdistan Region."


He explained: "The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan advocates the writing of a modern constitution on the basis of consensus and not party goals."


Qadir Hama Jan said: "The Kirkuk file must be addressed by consensus", noting that "the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan has made several proposals to address the situation in the province of Kirkuk", stressing the need to address all files as a single package.


For his part, Latif Sheikh Omar Omar, spokesman for the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan said that: "the PUK will have a different talk after the election of the Presidency of the Parliament of Kurdistan."


"If it is decided to start a new round of talks on the formation of the government after the recent developments, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan will start new negotiations," Latif Sheikh Omar said during a press release followed by PUKmedia.


He added: "If the posts were discussed, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan will have a different talk and a different view towards the presidencies in the Kurdistan Region."


He continued: "The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan emphasizes its comprehensive program presented to the Kurdistan Democratic Party, now there is a new stage after the election of the presidency of parliament without the participation of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan."




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