Establishing a monument for the Yezidis

20/2/2019 16:48:00

The General Secretariat of the Federal Council of Ministers, in cooperation with the UNESCO Office in Iraq, has decided to establish a monument for the Yazidis in Shingal district.


The General Secretariat said in a statement obtained by PUKmedia on Wednesday that, the government considers Shingal as one of its priorities in construction and reconstruction projects as well as its humanitarian decisions by turning the Kojo School, which was the scene of the genocide of Yazidis by ISIS, into a museum to preserve the horrible memory and to be a living witness for what happened to thousands of Yazidi women and girls.


The statement also revealed the date of opening the first mass grave of the victims of ISIS in Shingal which is in mid-March, in coordination with the United Nations mission.


The Director General of the NGO Department, Mohammad Taher al-Tamimi said that, "ISIS left behind 67 discovered mass graves in Shingal so far."


According to the statement, Elizabeth Schaeffer Brown, executive director of the Nadia Initiative said that, "This approach leads to the prosecution of fugitive ISIS elements through the International Criminal Court, especially since the UN Security Council has called for an investigation into the crimes committed by ISIS in Iraq," adding that "the team investigating ISIS is led by British lawyer Karim Khan."


The statement continued, "The design and implementation of the museum will help crystallize a common discourse that serves the reconciliation process and is part of the broader goal of justice and accountability implemented by the United Nations", noting that "reconciliation in Iraq is part of the commitment to justice and a fundamental guarantee of peace and stability in the long term."




General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers | PUKmedia 


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