President Salih receives Mahmoud al - Mashhadani

19/2/2019 16:45:00

President Barham Salih emphasized the need to overcome political differences among the national parties and to adopt dialogue as well as understanding to achieve stability in the country.


His Excellency received Dr. Mahmoud al-Mashhadani, former Speaker of the Iraqi House of Representatives, at the Presidential Office in Baghdad on Tuesday, February 19, 2019. 


The President indicated the importance of concerted constructive action to fulfill the aspirations of the Iraqi people and to reconstruct what has been damaged by the terrorism.


For his part, Dr. al-Mashhadani lauded the role played by President Barham Salih to strengthen Iraq's political stature in the world and the country’s openness towards its neighbors and friends.


During the meeting, they discussed developments in the domestic and Arab arenas and the relation between the legislative and executive branches in a way that achieves integration and coordination between them.


Dr. Nadeem Al-Jaberi and Mrs. Entisar al-Ezaimi also attended the meeting.



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