Syrian Democratic Is pushing Iraq to change its military plans

19/2/2019 16:31:00

Spokesman for the Joint Operations Command, Brig. Yahya Rasul, confirmed the reinforcement of the military units in the border areas with Syria.


Brigadier Yahia Rasul said in an interview with Al-Hayat newspaper on Tuesday that, "the border with Syria is secured by joint army and border forces", adding that "securing the border was a priority after the liberation of Iraqi territory to prevent the infiltration of terrorists from Syrian territory towards Iraqi territory."


Brigadier Yahya Rasul pointed to "the existence of fortifications and arbitrations such as earthmounds, trenches, barbed wire, barrack fence, distribution of supporting weapons and control towers with the technology of thermal cameras and patrols by the airforce army to monitor any movements of the elements of the terrorist organization."


He added that "the operations carried out by the Syrian forces against the elements of the terrorist organization remaining in the enclave inside the Syrian territory led us to strengthen the units with additional sectors to secure and strengthen the border strip to follow up and pursue any movement or attempt of ISIS gangs urging to get closer to the Iraqi border."


Brigadier Yahya Rasul concluded by stressing that "control and securing the situation on the border is significant and there is an intelligence follow-up through which immediate targeting any rallies or crowds trying to get close to the Iraqi border is carried out."



Al-Hayat | PUKmedia 


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